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Why choose dim to warm

As the LED lighting, our target is to replace the traditional incandescent lighting, for the incandescent bulb’s CRI can reach 99.9,  it’s nearly same to the sun light.
As for now, the LED light’s brightness and light efficiency are much more higher than the traditional incandescent light, even if now the CRI at 95 or 97, but the LED light’s colour and the actual lighting effect is not as so good as the incandescent bulb. It’s still need to take more effort to reach the same effect to the incandescent bulb.
The Betterlite’s series dim to warm products can really to replace the incandescent bulb on the lighting effect. When the bulb dim down to the lowest, the bulb’s colour temperature also changed, especially the spotlight, when dim down to the lowest, the colour temperature is around 1800K, the colour is very reddish, and this light makes a feeling of warm, comfortable and relax. Our series dim to warm LED lights are gradually became the best LED light source choice the luxury hotel’s lighting.

Our series dim to warm LED light’s light effect is similar to the traditional light source when 100% brightness, and when dim down to the lowest, the light is nearly same to the traditional light source.  Our dim to warm LED products are becoming the hot selling products and the best choice of the projects.