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Product optimization

Due to the particularity of some use occasions, ordinary products cannot meet their requirements. Through understanding customer requirements, we have made targeted optimization and improvement to customers' original products, so that the products meet the requirements and help customers regain orders.

Case 1:


The customer proposed that the 120W corn lamp should be used in a closed fixture. This has high requirements for the product’s heat dissipation, power supply and LED light source. After our design, improvement and continuous testing, we finally realized that the high-power product can be used in a sealed environment. Long-term work has improved product competitiveness and helped customers win the market.

 Case 2:

This is an old product of the customer. Because the switch only controls the lamp beads, when the lamp is not on, the power supply is still working at no load. This not only affects the working life of the power supply, but also has potential safety hazards. Through our optimization, the problem of no-load operation of the power supply has been solved, and the worries of customers have been solved.