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Cost optimization

Through partial product improvement and technological innovation, reducing product costs and improving product production efficiency, thereby reducing the total cost of products, is also one of our strengths.

Case 1: led grow light

The biggest difficulty of this product lies in assembly problems such as lamp holder installation, internal wiring, and clamp installation. After we fine-tuned the products, the products are more suitable for mass production. At the same time, through continuous improvement and innovation of production tools, we have increased the production efficiency by more than 20%, surpassing our competitors in one fell swoop, and won profit margins for customers and also we got the orders.

Case 2: Optical fiber board

The biggest difficulty of this product is mass production. Because the production efficiency was too low and the processing cost was too high, the original supplier of the customer refused to reproduce the product. After our optimization, mass production has been achieved, processing costs have been lowered, and help customer get more orders.